The last one

Good morning everyone!

This will be my last post for my learning project, and I decided to make a video! I hope you enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who has followed my learning project throughout this semester!

See ya later

Zen Life

Good morning everyone!

Today I will discuss the benefits of yoga on the body and mind. The American Osteopathic Association wrote an article that outlines some of the physical benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved respiration, energy and vitality, cardio and circulatory health, and protection from injury. The Harvard Medical School, also discussed the benefits of yoga, both websites outlined the same physical benefits of doing yoga has on the body.

As well stated in The American Osteopathic Association was that yoga has many mental benefits such as, helping people develop coping skills, help stress relief, helps focus concentration, helps clear your brain, and can help people have a positive outlook on life.

marina_ta Flickr via Compfight cc

Throughout the weeks of practicing I have experienced both mental and physical benefits of yoga. The main benefit I have felt is stress relief. I have found that I am less stressed about school. It also has really helped my flexibility.

A Little More Information

Hey everyone!

Last week I posted a video of my progress of doing the sun salutation. Many people requested after that I share some of the resources that I have used to learn stretching. The first one I used is from Mens Health. I used this one because it is from an established compagny and I trust their advice.

I have been using this video every morning for the past six weeks.

Before bed every night I have been using this video.

These three resources have been my primairy sources for my learning project. I hope you all give these a try to help improve your flexibility!

Some Improvement!

Hey everyone!

This week I thought I would make a video demonstrating where I am now, since the begining of the project.

I know my flexiblity is still pretty bad, but it has improved. By simply trying to improve my flexibility, many aspects of my life are better. When skating, my body feels good and ready to go. I am stronger. I am very pleased that I have done this project.

Next week I will be providing another video, with some basic stretches I have been doing which have helped me!

Have a Great week!

Apps and yoga??

Hey everyone!

This week I downloaded an app called Daily Yoga which is a pretty incredible app!

It offers a whole bunch of different workout programs, with yoga. If you really wanted to, you could buy a subscription, which gives you access to more programs, but as a beginner I am content just using the free version.

In addition to the programs, one can subsribe to there are individual exercises that you can do!

So far I really like this app! There is even a community tab, for people to share their own experiences, and different exercises that work for them! I highly recommend this app for everyone who wants to learn or improve their yoga!