Learning that is Greater than Myself

Good morning everyone!

This will be my final blog post of this semester. This week we were asked to reflect about how we contributed to other peoples learning. I know that many of my classmates such as Julie Newton and Kiera Eastley have greatly contributed to my learning by commenting and providing me with resources to help further my learning.

I have helped contribute to other’s learning by doing a couple of things. I have made comments on some of my classmates blogs, trying to provide them with different resources they may not have known about.

 Here I tried to provide Julie with a different way of learning to skate.




Then I tried to help Kyle problem solve, him no longer having access to a computer.



I participated in one twitter chat, it was truly an overwhelming experience, which has caused me to not participate in another one. Although after this twitter chat I met and connected with many new people in the Education community! Which was quite exciting for me!





One of my classmates, Rebecca, suggested that I attempt using an app, to help me learn yoga…….




……. so that is what I did!



This class has been a totally new experience for me, as I have never blogged before. I have learned so much throughout completing this class! I hope everyone has enjoyed my blog up until the end!

I wish everyone in my #EDTC300 the best of luck in the rest of their semester and finals!


Zen Life

Good morning everyone!

Today I will discuss the benefits of yoga on the body and mind. The American Osteopathic Association wrote an article that outlines some of the physical benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved respiration, energy and vitality, cardio and circulatory health, and protection from injury. The Harvard Medical School, also discussed the benefits of yoga, both websites outlined the same physical benefits of doing yoga has on the body.

As well stated in The American Osteopathic Association was that yoga has many mental benefits such as, helping people develop coping skills, help stress relief, helps focus concentration, helps clear your brain, and can help people have a positive outlook on life.

marina_ta Flickr via Compfight cc

Throughout the weeks of practicing I have experienced both mental and physical benefits of yoga. The main benefit I have felt is stress relief. I have found that I am less stressed about school. It also has really helped my flexibility.

Coding…… my way

This week in class we learned a little bit about coding. Let me tell you that coding is really hard! I decided that because I have no prior experience with any form of coding I would learn from Hour Of Code, by learning to code a Moana game. Being completly honest I did really bad, as I struggled with the first level. This was really hard to understand what I was trying to accomplish, but I did continue to try. Each level they introduced a new concept, in this one was the idea of being able to repeat an action.

Then they incorporated that we needed to fish, while repeating.

Then it got confusing………

I can honestly say that I tried my best, but it was really hard, I really struggled trying to learn how to do this. It was fun, it felt like it was a really hard puzzle that you had to figure out the solution, but it was extermely hard. I think that more schools should offer coding as elective classes, for those students who would like to do something with coding for a career. Personally I am not a fan of coding because it is something that is really hard for me to understand, and I do not enjoy it. I am very very grateful for those who code things, which allow me to play games, make documents, and do research!

Fake News

My Life has been really hectic the last few weeks, and I completely forgot about making blog posts!

Two weeks ago in class we discussed fake news. In light of the US 2016 election, was when Fake News became really quite popular, and had the attention of the public. Growing up I remember a ad created by Concerned Children Advertisers, about the importance of asking questions about things seen on TV.

I have found that when writing papers now, I have to be very careful about who I choose to use for my resources. It is very easy to find sources that have the wrong information. It is extermely important to address the issue of fake news in the class room. I used to believe everything I saw on the internet, but now I know better to question it. Students are at risk, so it is teachers responsiblity to ensure students have the correct supports to ensure that they know how to tell the difference between real and fake news. Teachers can help students by explaning to students what Fake News is and by giving them websites which are published sites, created to ensure people get the correct news, for example Snopes, which is a really good website I recommend that you check out.