Final Reflection

Alrighty folks! This is my final blog post for EDTC 400!!! Woohoo the semester is almost done!

This semester we were asked to mentor some individuals in the course EDTC 300. I was assigned 3 individuals to be a peer mentor for. If I am being completely honest, I was not a very good mentor. Throughout the semester I followed along with my mentees learning projects and their post class posts although I failed to make meaningful comments on their posts. I often forgot to even make a comment on their posts, which was unacceptable. Not only did I struggled with finding the the time to create meaningful comments, but with the dates of when both classes occurred (my class on Tuesdays and EDTC 300 on Wednesdays) many of my mentees posts for the week had not been posted yet prior to my class, which helped me forget to make my comments.

I really enjoyed following my mentees progress throughout the year. It was neat seeing their responses on certain topics that I remember discussing when I was in EDTC 300. This helped me give more directed feedback, from own personal experience which I felt was pretty valuable!

From this experience I learnt that it can be challenging to keep up online with others, opposed to seeing people face to face. I also realized that online there is less room for open discussion because some people are afraid of their thoughts and ideas being taken out of context. This process taught me that I need to be way more organized than I currently am, if I want to teach online. It was tough to stay focused while reading posts, because after I clicked one hyperlink, I usually got sucked down into a wormhole. I also learnt that I’d need to figure out how to explain my thoughts clearly and concisely. As someone who will call their friends instead of texting (I’d rather talk to explain my thoughts), being completely online is a struggle that I would need to get used to.

To summarize I have learnt a few things from this experience, however the most standout one to me is that I need to be a better mentor. I frequently forgot to provide the feedback that was expected from us at the beginning of the semester. For that I am sorry to all of my mentees, and I hope to do better in the future!

Thank you to everyone who followed my blog posts throughout the semester, and to all of my peers who made comments on my posts! I appreciated it very much!


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