Does Technology in the Classroom Enhance Learning?

Technology can have many benefits on students learning, but it also has many consequences. As a French Immersion student, it was extremely difficult to immerse myself in the French Language. Watching the CNA- Speaking Exchange video gave me chills. It is such a unique idea, that using simple video chats, students were able to connect with elderly native English speakers. This allowed students to practice speaking in English, while giving elderly people, who might not have the ability to travel, to see something new. This definately enhanced the students learning experience because it gave them real life experience. In a blog post written by George Couros he highlights how much easier technology is to use in this day and age. The example that he used which I really liked was how when we get a new phone (like and iPhone or a Samsung) we don’t have to read a manual about how to use the device. This is a huge change from what my parents had when they went to school. Technology can enhance learning, because there are so many possibilities as it is so widely available.

Even though technology can enhance learning, it can also be detrimental to learning. In an article written by Julia Klaus named Negative Effects of Using Technology she highlights the three main issues that can arise from using technology inappropriately in the classroom. Her main three points were that there is a loss of learning time, overuse and distraction, and game mentality. She discusses that the loss of learning time can arise from not being experienced with technology, because it takes time to become familiar with new systems, and sometimes the internet just does not work. When technology is overused in the classroom she speaks about how it makes students dependant on that technology. That they become unable to absorb information if it is not given with “splashy Graphics” (Klaus). The game mentality section speaks about how many teachers only use technology for games. Some students get distracted easily, and this will not be beneficial for them.

My relationship with technology is complicated. I am not the best with it, and I am easily distracted online. I think that Technology can enhance students learning, only if it is used in moderation. Technology shouldn’t be used to replace things in the classroom, but enhance them.


3 thoughts on “Does Technology in the Classroom Enhance Learning?

  1. Liz,
    Your closing statement, “Technology shouldn’t be used to replace things in the classroom, but enhance them,” has got me thinking. Immediately after reading it, I disagreed, but now that I’ve had a chance to think about it I am beginning to see some truth to your words. Things such as chalkboards and whiteboards, handwritten essays, manual bells, and flower sack babies have almost all been completely replaced by technology. Initially, I thought “good, why the heck would we want any of those things back!”? But if you think about it, what happens when the power goes out and the Smartboard becomes useless? … We turn to the trusty chalk board or white board. What happens when our computer glitches on us mid essay? … We sure as heck wish our teacher would let us just handwrite the dang thing! Now, while I can’t complain about the replacement of a few things such as flower sack babies, in the end I think you are right. If we place our trust entirely on technology, we are bound to be let down. We have got to find that happy medium!


  2. Tiana,
    Thanks for your response! I don’t think I did a very goodjob explaining my point. I was trying to relate it a little bit to the SMAR model (but I forgot to speak about it!) Technology has a place in the classroom, but there diffinately needs to have a purpose, too many times from my own experience I have wasted time lots of time as a student using technology but I usually got side tracked. But back to your point I agree that schools need to find that happy medium between the old ideas and the new! As for the sack of flour babies, personally I would have preferred that compared to the robot baby! and I would have lost less sleep!

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