Social Media and Me

Hey Everyone!

This week we were asked to take a look at our social media accounts. To start the process I put my google page into incognito mode (where it doesn’t keep track of your search history, or sites you previously logged in onto). Upon searching my name this was what the first page of results looked like.

Upon doing this search I was really happy that my blog and twitter were two of the things that came up first!!!! This makes me happy because those are my two social media accounts that I use professionally, not personally.

In general I am a very private person, so I tend to keep an extremely low profile on my other social media accounts. My Instagram account is private, and I only allow people who I know to follow me. As well with my facebook, if someone is not friends with me on facebook, they can not see any posts a make or pictures I post. The only thing that they can see is when I update my profile picture or cover photo.

Doing some searches on Instagram and Facebook I discovered that my accounts are very easy to find because I have an uncommon name. Since my accounts are pretty private you couldn’t really find any information on me. Going through all of the photos that I’ve posted or was tagged in, there weren’t any photos that I didn’t want on my profiles. Although I’ve been really careful about what I have on my profile, and I have removed myself from tagged photos in the past.

Since I have such a low profile on social media, I think thats why I struggle so much with using Twitter for class. I have never been one to post lots, or consistently and that’s why I’ve been struggling using Twitter professionally.

I think my social media presence is appropriate and good for someone who wants to be a teacher. I am not one who wants to be in the spotlight, so keeping a low profile is easy for me! In the years to come I will continue to work my Twitter and blogging presence, and try to get more comfortable with being more active online.


3 thoughts on “Social Media and Me

  1. Hi Elizabeth! I think you did a great job at exploring your online identity. I am also someone who wants to work at becoming more active and comfortable online and I think EDTC 400 will definitely help us with that! Good luck this semester and in general as you become more active online!

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  2. Hi Elizabeth, I really liked how you were honest with your online presence! Are you one that wants to enhance your digital identity or are you content with keeping it very quiet! I personally think having a digital identity is better then not having a digital identity at all!

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    1. I think having a digital identity that is professional very important! However I feel its important to be engaged online, although not as much! I find I am in front of screens way to much, so personally I have been pushing myself to get offline. So I want to enhance it, but at the same time I am trying to get away from it…. I know this seems arbitrary but right now I am just trying to find the right balance of the two!


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