Welcome to EDTC 400

Welcome to the portion of my blog dedicated to EDTC 400.

For those who have not seen the About Me portion of my blog, let me tell you a little about myself!

I am in my second year of the Secondary Education Program at the U of R. I am majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Physical Education and French! I have always been super passionate about being active, but I also really enjoy math, so the degree I am pursuing doesn’t really surprise anyone.

To this day I still play hockey (this is my 14th year playing). As well with playing I am an Assistant coach with the Peewee Female AA Rebels! This is my second season being an assistant coach with a hockey team, and I absolutely love it. In addition to this is my 8th season being a Hockey Official. Through Officiating I have received a few really cool opportunities such as being selected to be a Linesman in the Saskatchewan Winter Games in North Battleford in 2018, and being selected to work the Gold Medal game in the tournament! The photo below is the crew I worked with for the Gold Medal game!

Photo taken by Avery Dudley

I have a few goals for this class. The first one is to improve my digital literacy, I sometimes struggle with technology and how to filter information, so I would really like to work on that. My second goal is to explore the benefits and consenquences of technology in the classroom. A common theme I have heard in some of my other classes are how do we get students to be more active and going outside, because for many of them technology has taken over their lives. My last goal is to find some tactics and examples of how we can use technology to encourage students to get outside and be active.


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